Government "accidentally" poisons major water source | Stockbroker |
August 11, 2015
Istanbul, Turkey

'This morning we all found out that the US Environmental Protection Agency caused a massive spill of more than 10 MILLION liters of toxic chemicals into the Animas River in Colorado.


At first the EPA admitted to about 3 million liters. But now another government agency with better data is saying, in fact, that it’s over 10 million liters.

The river flows into New Mexico and Arizona where it eventually joins Lake Powell, a major source of drinking water for Las Vegas, San Diego, and Los Angeles.

One can hardly call this an accident.

Just like when police ‘accidently’ shoot unarmed black men on a regular basis.

Or when the Defense Department ‘accidentally’ drone strikes a children’s hospital.

Or when the Treasury Department ‘accidentally’ fails to safeguard incredibly sensitive financial and personal information on over 100,000 taxpayers.

Or when ‘accidentally’ enrolled thousands of people into the government’s registry of sex offenders.

Or when the Census Bureau ‘accidentally’ funded a $2.6 million study on prostitutes in China.

The list goes on and on.

Hey look, we all make mistakes. But this is serial incompetence. It’s not about individuals screwing up their jobs, but rather an entire system designed to fail.